What would happen to your business if you lost all of your critical business data?

Statistics show that businesses that could not recover their data within 10 days of loss have shut down within one year.

Causes of data loss vary. Viruses that corrupt data beyond recovery, hardware malfunction, theft, malfunction of backup devices and destruction due to natural disaster or fire are among most frequent occurrences. We also frequently recover files accidentally deleted by employees.

What can you do to adequately protect your business?

We offer solutions that defend your company against data loss and provide rapid recover should a disaster strike:

  • Proper on-site firewalls safeguard against hackers trying to embed destructive viruses
  • On-site backup device installation, support, monitoring and testing to ensure integrity
  • Off-site backup service to ensure double protection in case of malfunction, theft or destruction of onsite device

    All of the solutions are cost-effective and more than pay for themselves in case of an emergency.

    Call us today to test your current backup solution to ensure its integrity and learn if there are any threats your system is exposed to!