IT Support & Management

Your business depends on your network’s health. Having one person out of commission for even few hours due to computer failure is expensive (lost revenue and payroll). Losing a server or internet connection for an extended period of time can spell a financial disaster for any business.

IT Siren takes care of your network so these instances do not happen. Our managed services (link) platform ensures zero non-scheduled down time, elimination of internal (link) and external threats (link), and top performing hardware, so your customers never hear, “my computer is running slow today” from your sales people or customer service reps. Managed services also address the need to manage costs. Under our service agreement you will never incur any unexpected service-related charges. You are 100% covered for any and all services you sign up for under one of our affordable packages (link).

We also provide on demand tech support. If you choose not to have regular maintenance, upgrades, backups, repairs performed under our managed services agreement (link), we can always rapidly deploy an experienced technician or an engineer (depending on the issue) when emergency strikes.

All of our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and we will always deliver a suitable solution.