How can your company reduce phone bills while improving employee productivity?

Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems are the answer.

While significantly reducing costs of telecommunications VoIP can significantly increase productivity of your company. No more missed calls, system easily transfers calls to and from mobile phones or even laptops . Whether traveling or just away from your desk the system will always keep you connected. To further enhance productivity your voicemails and faxes can be delivered to you via e-mail.

Adding employee or just moving an employee within the office generally required phone tech to add a line and configure extensions. There is always a cost associated with it. VoIP allows tremendous flexibility. Remote configuration saves your company money and can be done in mere minutes.

There are many other benefits. Call us today to discuss costs and benefits of switching from traditional system to a VoIP.

For a list of other benefits please check out Entrepreneur magazine: http://www.entrepreneur.com/technology/techtrendscolumnistpeteralexander/article79842.html