Business Solutions

Business productivity applications

Our primary business is defending your company’s bottom line by providing timely cost-effective IT and telephony services. However, we do not stop there. We provide solutions that help your business run effectively by increasing productivity and reducing payroll waste all in a very inexpensive and easy to use package.

Digital signage

Looking to attract prospects’ attention to your booth at a trade show, or make great impression on your visiting clients/prospects? We can install, program and maintain digital displays locally or in any other spot in the United States.

Low voltage wiring

Moving or growing internally? Need to accommodate additional staff but the office is not properly wired? Schedule an appointment and we’ll provide you with a timely cost-effective service!


Your business is growing but your technology support personnel is not equipped to handle complex engineering questions? Contact us and we’ll provide the expertise you need at a fraction of a cost of hiring a full time Chief Technology Officer.